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2B Niclas Campagnol X-LINE 4 pairs
2B Niclas Campagnol X-LINE 4 pairs

2B Niclas Campagnol X-LINE 4 pairs

  • Hickory21.60
  • Hornbeam14.50
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A stick signed by Danish drummer Niclas Campagnol. This is a shortened version of the Pellwood 2B sticks.

The 2B sticks with 16mm diameter are designed for heavier style of playing. With the fulcrum shifted towards the tip it produces a full sound, not compromising on articulation due to the elongated acorn tip. The hickory version will surprise you with its long lifespan, yet the hornbeam will also meet your expectations while sparing your tendons and instruments.

In addition, whenever you buy another pair of sticks, our system of guaranteed weight ensures that they will always have the same weight!

Wood which does not fit our high quality requierments for premium sticks is used for X-Line series, which is an ideal compromise of the quality and price.

Length407 mm
Diameter16 mm

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