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5A Medium
5A Medium

5A Medium

Premium Hickory
Premium Hickory Nylon
Premium Hornbeam
Premium Hornbeam Nylon
  • Premium Hickory8.90
  • Premium Hickory Nylon9.80
  • Premium Hornbeam5.70
  • Premium Hornbeam Nylon6.00
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The most popular PELLWOOD drumstick, for its versatility applicable for any style. The hickory version will surprise you with unbelievable durability. However, up to a certain degree of heavy playing the hornbeam version will do just as well and, on top of that, is cheaper and more gentle both to your instrument and your hands. To produce an even heavier stroke, you can apply an additional nylon tip which also extends the stick’s lifespan. PELLWOOD’s system of guaranteed weight will ensure that the sticks will always have the same weight and will fit exactly in your hand.

Length407 mm
Diameter14 mm

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