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Animal Stick - Russell Gilbrook
Animal Stick - Russell Gilbrook

Animal Stick - Russell Gilbrook

Premium Hickory
Premium Hornbeam
  • Premium Hickory8.90
  • Premium Hornbeam5.70
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This is an autographed model signed by the English drummer Russell Gilbrook (Uriah Heep), PELLWOOD’s company player. Its forward balance makes it ideal for heavy playing corresponding to Russell’s style. The thick neck adds to unbelievable durability of this stick.

In Russell’s own words:

I love these sticks because they are perfectly balanced, always the same (Weight Guaranteed) and provide a perfect grip and feel. But what’s most important, their durability is the best in the world!!! I have been using them for nine years and look forward to many more years of playing with these sticks, made by this fantastic family company!

Length425 mm
Diameter14 mm

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